Candidate Charter

Respect: A great headhunter once said “We have invaded your life, the least we can do is behave”. It is Damhurst & Co’s commitment to every individual who has been directly approached, irrespective of outcome, that they will associate their experience with professionalism, trust and respect.

Confidentiality: An individual’s personal information and the details of anything we discuss with them will be treated with the utmost respect and discretion.  Damhurst & Co place a great amount of importance on keeping data safe.  Our storage systems are 256 bit encrypted to protect client’s and candidate’s privacy.

Feedback: At every point during the lifecycle of a search process, each candidate will be kept up to speed and fully informed of the client’s feedback and likely next steps.

Long term approach: Should you be appointed to a new position where Damhurst & Co has had a role to play, we will follow up with you at least three, six and 12 months after you have started with the new organisation.

Client Charter

Committed: A retained Client will get the team’s full attention from beginning to end.  Damhurst & Co will not put quality or responsiveness at risk – this means we will not lose focus of your goals. 

Off limits: This is one of the search industry’s most awkward topics.  At Damhurst & Co, we want off limits to be something that is celebrated and aimed for.  It goes without saying that each situation is unique and context should never be lost, but for the sake of clarity Damhurst & Co commits to the following as a minimum: 

  • We will not encourage or solicit individuals away from the hiring manager’s direct team or reporting line
  • Off limits remain in place for a period of 12 months after the last signed retained Proposal Letter

Confidentiality: It is in all our interests to develop a strong, long term and trust based relationship.  We will treat all information discussed, unless specifically agreed otherwise, as highly sensitive and confidential.

Damhurst & Co’s core values are creativity, authenticity and passion.